Parents/Carers as Partners

Parents are children's first and most enduring educators making partnership with parents/carers is essential for Early Years Practitioners to plan effectively for each child's learning.

A genuine commitment to work co-operatively with parents is a feature of our high-quality setting which impacts on every aspect of practice.

Our practitioners build up expertise in how young children learn and how each child operates within our setting. But it is the parent who knows their child best, which is why sharing of information between practitioners and parents is imperative to a child's learning needs and each families well-being..

What we do as a nursery to strengthen and form Partnerships with Parents/Carers


At Spring Grove Nursery, to ensure our staff and families have a strong partnership and that the correct information is shared professionally, we conduct six monthly parents evening. This is a time for the child's key person and families to get together and to discuss their child's health and well-being, development and learning at nursery. We also;



Offer parents/carers working in partnership meetings

Have a nursery app in which we send out notifications (please see contact page for links)

Send out Parent Questionnaires 

Nominate two parent/carers to be the nursery representatives for support or queries off new parents/carers

Send out parent observations.


Parent/Carer Comments and Feedback


We value all of our parents/carers feedback and ideas on ways to improve and develop our nursery. Below are some feedback and comments of our parents questionnaires;


"Spring Grove Nursery has given my child the confidence and learning skills and his needs. They have taken the time to learn about his needs, what he likes and what he enjoys. They are a great nursery and have the equipment and facilities to create a lovely learning atmosphere were my child has progressed brilliantly in the time he has been at the nursery. Spring Grove Nursery keep me updated with regards to illness, days out and safety of the children. They also have plenty of days out with the children which my child is always in safe hands and looked after well".


"Lovely nursery all round! The nursery is well presented and inviting to the little ones. The staff are all very pleasant and welcoming. I think the changes to the rooms are really good. They are educational and inviting to the children, with a wide range of activities on offer for all the children to get stuck into and learn new things through play".


"It's fantastic, always friendly welcoming staff, she loves coming to nursery and talks about it at home, every night we ask her what she has done and she always has lovely things to tell us. We cant thank You all at Spring Grove enough for all the outstanding things you do"



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