School Transitions

At Spring Grove Nursery, we promote effective transition procedures which require careful planning and will be rooted in a clear understanding of young children's social, emotional and intellectual needs.

When your child is ready to make that transition to school, it can be a daunting and unsettling experience for your child. As much as we support and prepare your child for the school transition, it can still be an anxious period, but also for you as a parent/carer. So to support you and your child the best way we can, we allow parent/carers the opportunity to ask any questions they may have during a parents evening.


School Visits

As a nursery, we also make strong links with the schools and we will visit the school to take photographs of your child's new teacher and classroom and these will be used in the role-play area for your child to independently feel comfortable with their new transition. We also encourage the teachers to visit our setting to see your child were they are most comfortable.


Transition Books

We also create Transition Link Books that your child's key person will complete and you as parent/carers will have the opportunity to write in your comments, thoughts and feelings on your child going to school. These are then sent to your child's new school (with your permission) so the teacher has a sound understanding of your child's likes/dislikes and behaviours.



We want to celebrate the time that your child has had with us, as many of your children will have been at Spring Grove Nursery since they were a baby. So we hold a graduation were the children take part in singing songs, parents/carers are welcomed to come watch then we celebrate the children's development and time at nursery with a party and celebration.

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